Welcome to With One’s Next Breath! This online space was created for myself and others to explore the human condition of death and, more specifically, how those still living express their interactions with death.

Some of the questions that inspired the creation of this blog include:

  • How does experiencing the death of someone (loved ones / not-so-loved ones / children / strangers / parents / the terminally ill / young friends / pets / famous individuals / etc.) affect the living’s relationship with their own lives and surroundings?
  • What are different methods that people from around the world use to cope with loss and death?
  • How are the deceased viewed differently between cultures, religions, societies, ethnicities, genders, geographic locations, ages, occupations, etc.?
  • What are some of the many philosophical outlooks on life and death?
  • Why did I personally cope the way that I did?
  • And many more.

Articles, artwork, music, quotes, poems, reviews, photography, and just about any other form of multimedia will be used to try and help approach some of these questions, feelings, and reactions that I, and many others, have had. Blog entries will range from academic, philosophical texts to youtube videos, but this is certainly not an academically driven platform. This blog was created for my own personal interests.
Submissions and asks are always welcome (including anonymously).

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Contact: withonesnextbreath@gmail.com

Managed by Laura Duncan | Founded on February 10, 2016


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